Our services and assignments

Our service is to put ourselves in your place and look for the ideal property on your behalf that satisfies all your criteria.
Your project becomes our and our time is totally dedicated to you.
We search and visit on your behalf, we advise you and assist you
throughout the process of acquisition and settling in to your new property.

Personalized support in 6 steps
Initial contact

We contact you to set up a telephone or in person appointment in order to get to know your project better. This meeting is free and without any obligation of commitment.

Defining the criteria

During this appointment, we define the criteria of your perfect property (house, apartment, condition of property, style, number of rooms, close to public services, sea, mountains, etc.)

Thorough and Intensive search of your property

We carry out a search of the entire property market using traditional channels such as real estate agents, property dealers, private individuals as well as less conventional channels such as notaries, adjudicators, real estate managers, architects. We have a permanent alert system that allows us to be notified when a property that meets your criteria is placed on the market. We act as soon as possible to find the best one for you.

Pre-viewing of the best properties

We visit the best and most attractive properties for you. The, we discuss together their qualities and decide on the properties to view that correspond to your criteria.

Set viewings and Negotiation assistance

We schedule viewings of the chosen properties at your own convenience. Our knowledge of the field, market and local practices will help you to negotiate the purchase price more efficiently in order to make a realistic and advantageous offer for you.

Personalized guidance during the whole process of acquisition and settling into your new home

We assist you throughout the process of acquisition, especially with the notary when drafting the preliminary agreement and the final deed of purchase. Similarly, we assist you during your moving in: administrative information, contact with local builders if necessary, assistance in renting if required, etc.

Describe your project

French Rivera House Hunter helps you to find the perfect real estate property. Don’t hesitate to contact us to describe your project by filling the form, or by calling us or sending us an email.

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